17YM CRF250L/LA/RLA Release – Announcement

17YM CRF250L/LA/RLA Release – Announcement

Honda is pleased to announce that the recently revealed 17YM CRF250L range will be arriving in Australia in the first quarter of 2017 and made available in one colour option: Extreme Red and will be available in 3 variants: Standard, ABS and Rally.


Features of the 17YM CRF250RLA Rally:

  •  The form and colouring of the CRF450R Rally that evoke images of adventures and travels.
  •  The long front and rear suspensions bringing the classiness of a larger vehicle beyond the 250cc model category.  Excellent wind protection characteristics mitigating the fatigue in high-speed cruising.
  •  Large-capacity fuel tank achieving the longest cruising distance in the class.
  •  Space and features for the gadgets convenient on touring rides.
  •  Equipped with the highly reassuring ABS (with cancelling for the rear).
  •  LED headlight that shines bright on the road at night.
  • Comfort is key.

Development concept CRF250 RALLY

In 2013, Honda came back to the challenge that is the Dakar Rally. The stage of the battles has now shifted from the continent of Africa, where Honda’s NXR750 once won the championship for 4 years in a row, to the continent of South America, and Honda’s factory team machine has now changed to the CRF450 RALLY, but remaining unchanged is our challenging spirit aiming for the top spot of this most grueling adventure rally race in the world. The new CRF250 RALLY inherits not only the form of the CRF450 RALLY, our Dakar Rally factory team machine, but also its development philosophy, and comes with an outstanding cruising performance enabling the rider to move farther in more comfort. For a rider who wants to go off on an adventure away from the hustle and bustle of the city on weekends, we aimed to create a model that can truly inspire your adventurous spirit. Our development motto for the new model was: ”The Dakar Replica: For the weekend adventurer!” To achieve this attractive quality, we focused on the following elements in developing the new model.  Styling that stimulates the rider’s adventurous spirit while giving him/her great satisfaction from owning this vehicle ・ The form and coloring of the CRF450 RALLY that evoke images of adventures and travels ・ The long front and rear suspensions bringing the classiness of a larger vehicle beyond the 250cc  category  Capable of moving farther in more comfort ・ Excellent wind protection characteristics mitigating the fatigue in high-speed cruising ・ Large-capacity fuel tank achieving the longest cruising distance in the class* ・ Space and features for the gadgets convenient on touring rides  User-friendly specifications and equipment that assure a sense of security ・ Equipped with the highly reassuring ABS (with cancelling mechanism for the rear) ・ LED headlight that shines bright on the road at night

Styling (1) CRF250 RALLY

From super sport to commuter models, the styling design philosophy common to Honda’s motorcycle models is “Giving expression to functional beauty,” which is created through our pursuit of superior functionality. Required of the CRF450 RALLY, the rally racing machine, is to achieve both an outstanding running performance in off-road riding and an excellent high-speed cruising performance. To battle through a wide variety of situations from rocky areas entailing highly technical skills to cruising with overwhelmingly high speeds in deserts and on flat dirt roads, the CRF450 RALLY has large-diameter tires, suspension systems with sufficiently long strokes, the functional components concentrated in the central section of the vehicle body, the large windscreen protecting the rider from the wind in high-speed riding, and the slim seat not obstructing the rider’s active movements. Satisfying all these requirements means convergence to a form that is inevitable for the CRF450 RALLY. For the CRF250 RALLY, our goal for its styling design: A form evocative of the CRF450 RALLY, the rally racing machine, and a unique presence well beyond its model class The CRF250 RALLY inherits the styling of the cutting-edge rally racing machine that is the CRF450 RALLY, and the beauty of the form of the new model backed up by the functions and a unique presence well beyond the 250cc class will bring out the owner’s adventurous spirit.

Styling (2) CRF250 RALLY

 Overall silhouette Inheriting the styling design of the latest rally-racing CRF450 RALLY (the model that competed in the 2016 Dakar Rally), the large proportions of the CRF250 RALLY with its longer front and rear suspensions exude a presence well beyond its class.

 Front area Evoking the image of a highly functional rally racing machine are the floating windscreen design securing the rider’s visibility and the dual LED headlight with carbon-like light cases that has a left-right asymmetric design. With the space above the meter presuming the installation of accessory parts, the front area as a whole is evocative of the cockpit of a real rally racing machine. Optimally designed with careful attention to air management are the shroud, knuckle guard, and undercover, each of which achieves on a high level both slim compactness and excellent wind protection performance, giving shape to functional beauty.

Styling (3) CRF250 RALLY

 Seat area The seat and side covers composed of smooth surfaces with very little unevenness give expression to a functional styling that does not get in the way of the rider’s aggressive riding in off-road situations. The fuel tank cap is a sporty, aircraft type cap, with improvements in user-friendliness when refueling and in the feel of the material.

 Rear area With a design that sharply rises diagonally rearward, the rear fender expresses vibrancy, while the new taillight that was exclusively designed for this model and the small LED rear turn signals enhances the light and buoyant feel.

Styling (4) CRF250 RALLY

The CRF250 RALLY adopts the same coloring as the CRF450 RALLY, the latest factory machine of Team HRC that competes not only in the Dakar Rally but also in various adventure rally races around the world. With the color theme of the CRF series being red, the new CRF250 RALLY uses red as the base color, while the white line running through the body from the shroud to the rear fender gives expression to a vibrant and powerful feel.


Frame (1) CRF250 RALLY

Our goal in developing the frame of the CRF250 RALLY: The frame and body configuration similar to the rally-racing CRF450 RALLY that offers outstanding wind protection and a high degree of freedom for riding posture, which together achieve a very comfortable cruising performance over long distances Instead of being just a replica of rally racing machines, the CRF250 RALLY is the result of feedback of technologies and knowhow cultivated through rally racer development processes. Wind tunnel tests were repeatedly carried out for improving wind protection performance and reducing air resistance, which gave the new model its comfortable cruising performance, with little burden on the rider even when moving a long distance at high speeds.


Frame (2) CRF250 RALLY

 Riding position Inheriting the riding position of the CRF250L, the base model, the new CRF250 RALLY offers wide-ranging versatility to the rider, from city street riding to touring through forest roads, with a comfortable riding position and superior maneuverability. Also, with optimized shapes of the larger fuel tank and middle cowl, the new model ensures pleasant ergonomics with a high degree of freedom, meaning there is more than enough space around the rider’s feet and knees even with a pair of off-road boots on.

Frame (3) CRF250 RALLY

 Windscreen, Headlight Adopting a frame-mounted design for the large windscreen and the headlight has helped achieve nimble handling. Use of a large floating windscreen with the same shape as that of the CRF450 RALLY has improved wind protection performance, protecting the rider’s upper body from wind and airflows. ■ Pressure distribution diagram for wind pressure on the ride.

 Knuckle guard, Shroud, Middle cowl, Under cowl Along with the large windscreen, the optimal design drawing on the development knowhow for the CRF450 RALLY has secured the new model’s wind protection performance that mitigates fatigue when riding at high speeds. Slits are created on the shroud surface where appropriate, dissipating the heat from the engine and radiator to enhance rider comfort, while at the same time reducing air resistance to help enhance fuel efficiency and dynamic performance. The slits created on the knuckle guard and shroud surfaces not only improves wind protection performance but also contributes to the vehicle’s highly stable controllability

The air released through the slits causes flow separation for the air flowing along the body’s exterior, helping improve the agility of the vehicle body.

Frame (4) CRF250 RALLY

 Fuel tank Focusing on the degree of freedom for the riding position, an appropriate shape was chosen for the large fuel tank, while making the built-in fuel pump inside the tank smaller, thus securing the necessary and sufficient capacity of 10.1 liters. Together with the excellent fuel efficiency performance, the new model realizes the No.1 cruising distance in the 250cc off- and on-road model class*. Also, a hinged fuel tank cap is used for ease of use when refueling.

 Large tool box Inside the left side cover is a large tool box with key locking, making it possible to store not only a tool set but also the rider’s small articles.

Frame (5) CRF250 RALLY

 Brakes To effectively deal with the larger fuel tank and the change in overall weight with increased fuel amount, the front brakes use a wave floating disc with a large diameter of φ296 mm, as a result of careful consideration of braking power and controllability

 Suspension For the front, the suspension stroke length has been extended by 30 mm compared to the CRF250L, the base model, and for the rear, the newly designed suspension, link and connecting rod are used, raising minimum ground clearance by 15 mm and improving the vehicle’s capability to ride over obstructions on the road surface. These features also contribute to highlighting the model’s powerful presence well beyond its class. Thanks to the newly designed fork shape and setting that ensure optimum rigidity, the front suspension achieves excellence in both operability and handling characteristics. Capitalizing on the increase in the stroke because of a change in the link ratio and the longer stroke itself, the rear suspension greatly contributes to the supple and comfortable ride of the new model.



Power unit (1) CRF250 RALLY

Our goal in developing the power unit of the CRF250 RALLY: Output characteristics in full compliance with the laws and regulations of various countries, while ensuring fun riding with total ease of use both in on- and off-road riding Based on the liquid-cooled, 250cc DOHC single-cylinder engine capitalizing on the low-friction technologies of roller rocker arms and an offset cylinder, which is popular for its highest fuel efficiency performance in the class and ease of use in wide-ranging situations, the engine of the CRF250 RALLY has improved torque in the low-speed range, achieving easy operability immediately after the vehicle starts running and powerful riding in low- to mid-speed ranges. The increase in peak output in the high-speed range enables acceleration and overtaking another vehicle with more than enough power in high-speed riding, such as when touring.

Power unit (2) CRF250 RALLY

 Intake system Enlarging the throttle body diameter from φ36mm to φ38mm and increasing the connecting tube length by 100 mm compared to the base engine has achieved very easy-to-use characteristics, ensuring both a powerful torque at low speeds and a smooth and quick rev-up for power in the high-speed range.  Muffler, Exhaust pipe By changing the exhaust pipe structure from a straight one with a diameter of φ28.6mm to an expanding pipe structure with the diameter increasing from φ28.6mm to φ38.1mm, a rise in peak output as well as a powerful torque at low speeds has now been achieved. For the muffler, the three-chamber structure has been changed to a two-chamber structure, with a renovated internal structure including the use of an optimum porous structure for the opening of the pass pipe, creating a crisp pulse feeling. A more compact size with a lighter weight has also been achieved for the muffler.

Power unit (3) CRF250 RALLY

 Environmental performance As for the new model’s emissions control characteristics, we carefully planned for an optimum configuration for individual purifying systems. Through a combination of O2 sensors in the exhaust pipe, the catalyzers now in two layers inside the muffler, a canister and an ECU, the CRF250 RALLY fully complies with the Euro 4 emissions standards.

Control systems and electronic components (1) CRF250 RALLY

 ABS The new model’s ABS has specifications that allow for switching between different modes. If, during off-road riding and other situations, the rider judges it necessary to use the front and rear brakes in different ways, it is possible to turn off the ABS on the rear side. By turning the rear ABS off, the rider can control rear brakes through his/her own operation, which enables such fun riding techniques distinctive of off-road riding as turning with the rear wheel locked and a tail slide. In the setting above, the indicator lamp shows the status of the rear ABS as Off. Switching between different ABS modes is possible only when the vehicle is stopped, and changing the setting is not possible while riding. If the rider pushes the switch again with the vehicle stopped, or when turning the ignition switch from Off to On, the ABS for both the front and rear wheels revert to the On status. Also, use of a new-type ABS modulator has created a more compact and lighter system, while enhancing the overall feel when the ABS is in operation.  Lights Frame-mounted with a left-right asymmetric design just as for the rally racing model, the two-lamp type headlight uses dual-chip LED lights with high luminous efficiency. The luminous intensity distribution is adjusted so that low-beam lights can shine on a much wider range, while the high-beam lights can illuminate the road and the surroundings farther ahead.

Rally-Bike Styling.

Control systems and electronic components (2) CRF250 RALLY

 Multi-functional speedometer The CRF250 RALLY uses a fully digital meter displaying a wealth of information such as the clock and fuel gauge, as well as the tachometer. Placed above the meter are an accessory bar with the same diameter of φ22.2mm as the handlebars, making it possible to install accessory parts.