D952 Enduro tyre

D952 Enduro tyre

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DUNLOP Image GEOMAX MX52 Intermediate - Hard Terrain The new medium-hard terrain tyre developed and perfected in the worlds most competitive motocross environment. -Optimised braking performance and cornering stability thanks to Directional Pattern block design (MX-52 Front). -Directional precision and line holding stability from Carcass Tension Control System (CTCS). -Better rear control under power, enhanced traction and improved straight line stability from staggered centre blocks. -Improved slide control and cornering grip due to Progressive Cornering Block Technology. -Centre blocks deliver great traction and improved wear on hard ground (MX-52 rear). -Anti-rebound rubber reduces kick back, great for harder terrain (MX-52 rear). -New side blocks improve cornering and maximise drive on hard terrain (MX-52 rear) REAR GEOMAX MX52 TECHNOLOGY Progressive Cornering Block Technology (PCBT): A Dunlop-patented block-within-a-block design that offers more progressive cornering action and aids in slide control. Enhanced Carcass Tension Control System (CTCS): Tuned carcass flexibility from recesses placed strategically along the tire carcass to help smooth ride characteristics and allow the bike to follow a line more accurately. Controlled-rebound Rubber Element in the Sidewall: This construction helps to damp out bounce, acting as a suspension component within the tire, so the tire can better follow the track surface. Staggered Distribution of Center Blocks: Spreads the load on the tire and helps with impact damping and stability, especially in whoops and hard-pack conditions.
  • Rugged 3-ply nylon casing
  • Chip resistant tread compoun
  • Five common rear size
  • Guards against punctures and impact damage
  • Gives remartkable tyre life in harsh condition
  • Designed to fit all the popular Enduro and MX models
  AVAILABLE SIZES 100/90-19 57M D952 110/90-18 61M D952 110/90-19 62M D952 120/90-18 65M D952 120/90-19 66M D952 80/100-21 51M D952F
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